Many of the people who come to The Other House also spend a night or 2 at this place!

“Sharehouse Yugawara” is a accommodation located in Yugawara right in between the Hakone and Atami. The area is historically quite famous for its onsen(hot springs).

Sharehouse Yugawara  is run by “Masato-san” who comes up with creative ideas in a unconventional manner. The house is occasionally packed with people from all around the world.Interesting thing about this accommodation is that you do not really know who are the guests  and who are the staff members of the house. And most of all, where is Masato-san, the owner of this unique lodge? Does he really exist or is/was he part of our imaginary trip to the Izu/Hakone area? It’s a mixed effort, global (con) fusion, magic in the making.

Now in it’s third year of  operation, the place looks a less chaotic and more guesthouse-like but there’s always some fun to be enjoyed at the place.


Reservation availiable through AirBnB lisitng (Share House Yugawara) or contact the other house for referrals!

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