Matsuri in Inatori

Come join the Matsuri at Izu-Inatori. This is a locals only event, so you’ll definitely have a good chance of having experience no other tourist has! For more info, join the fun at The Other House! Or feel free to contact (Rob) for more info! Rob

“Atami Kogashi Matsuri”

(View full description here at Held as a highlight to the “Atami Kogashi Matsuri”, Kinomiya Shrine’s annual festival, the “Dashi Concours” festival float contest has become a summer tradition in Atami. A gorgeous sight unfolds along Route 135, the coastal highway were the event is held, as more than 30 floats parade by sporting […]

2 days in Higashi Izu

About 2 weeks ago Leni and Derek (btw a lovely couple!), who are “expert travelers” of the world, came to Higashi izu. I (Rob, the janitor) had the chance to accompany them on their 2 day tour. Check out some of the things you can do in town! (Hosono Highlands, Atagwa Onsen, Mask Museum, Morning […]

External: Izu Geopark Website

Visit the Izu Peninsula Geopark Website for information on the local nature sightseeing. This webpage covers the various landscapes that was form through the peninsula’s collison with Honnshu island and volcanic eruptions that happened about 600,000-200,000 years ago. The website tries to see the whole Peninsula as “one large park”.

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