It’s the end of our 1st month since the start of “The Other House”. We don’t know what the outcomes will be, but I hope the experience will be the workaways, the guest on-the-go, and of course the local towns people and the whole community.

Meeting our first guest/volunteers 

For the initial months, we were lucky to host fellow travel blogger/marketers from and Driven2Adventure. Their ambitions to explore the world along with the experience and grit they’ve gained from their travels so far had helped add color to the project.

Gabriel and Cristina interviewing local bakery, Segetsudo.

As of deliverables, Leen from made two videos about the local events. (the Inatori monring market, and Hokkawa Neko-sai Fish Festival)

Local visitors just sayin’ random “hello”s

During this time we visit local farms, and other paid visits to various markets within the area. We also had local coffee shop owners and ex-chefs brewing us coffee and teaching us how to cut the local citrus fruit, New Summer Orange. We also had an excess amount of eclairs from our local bakery! Virtually everybody who came bought 2 or more pieces during their stay at the house.

Ushijima-san from Haco.Cafe Atami
Adachi-san, the local ex-chef teaching us how to cut the new summer orange.

First Open-House Party

In the first week of May, during the “Golden Week” holiday season in Japan, “The Other House” hosted it’s first open-house party inviting people both from Izu and outside. We had a vast array of people coming in and out and at the end we had about 40 to 50 people coming in and out.

Photo by
The Other House Party. hosted people from all around Izu, Tokyo and of course travelers from the world. Photo by

Creative people doing creative (& crazy) things…!

Afterwards, we were accompannied by AnnaMaria, the graphic design/social marketing specialist who cooked excellent rizottos as well as designing logos for Rob’s translation/language teaching busines.

We also had the privilage to have a long time traveler Ignacio. He’s been in different countries and rode countless miles on his bike (somewhere around 35,000km?) . After establishing his own language teaching business in the 90’s, he’s been immersed with what we call today the “sharing economy”. It was great to learn  stories from the master.

Avril just kept on designing and designing! Took care of our Instagram account as well as making loads of physical signage.

Avril, just designing load of things.
The sign’s complete!

Our “resident artist” Sumi-san also contributed immensely by cooking many kinds of stews feeding the volunteers as well as entrtaining them with his portrait skills. You can check some of the artwork in a different site.

Many things are still yet to be explored, and we are still long way to go to find that “perfect solution”… but the house is off to a good start, with people naturally working together to keep a good vibe of travelling and discovery.  So much appreciation for all the people who have come long way to start this “thing” from scratch.


Rob “the janitor”, The Other House


The Other House” が始まってから早一カ月が経ちました。今後どうなるかはまったく予想できませんが、ボランティアや立ち寄りのゲスト達そして町内の人や地域全体にとって良い経験になることを願っています。


まず初っ端の月からAdventureBackPack.comLeen Laurens,そしてDriven2AdventureCristinaGabrielが来てくれてとてもラッキーでした。彼らの世界旅行へかける熱意や想い、そしてこれまでの経験は今後のプロジェクトの方向性にも大きな影響を与えたと思います。



はじめての月ということもあり、調査も兼ねて近隣の農園や市場などを中心にまわりました。そして意外にも、地域に住む方々から興味本位で(もしくは心配されたのかもしれませんが、、、) 様々な方にTheOtherHouseに立ち寄っていただきました。近隣のコーヒーショップ店長地元の元板前が突然訪問し、コーヒーの淹れ方やニューサマーオレンジの盛り付け方を伝授してもらうエピソードなどがありました。急に知っている人(または全く知らない人)がふらっと立ち寄てくれると、毎日に刺激が加わります。

ひとつThe Other Houseをはじめてから意外だったことは、ほとんどのメンバーが清月堂さんのエクレアに「ハマって」しまう現象が起こること。大体今までもTheOtherHouse滞在者は一人あたり23個のエクレアを清月堂から買って食べています。


月の第一週のゴールデンウィーク中にThe Other Houseのオープニングパーティを開催しました。あまり、告知がうまくできていなかったにも拘わらず4050人の方に入れ替わり立ち代わりで参加いただきました。 近くは同じ東伊豆町、伊東、下田や修善寺から、また東京、そしてもちろん世界中からの旅人が参加する多様性あふれるパーティとなりました。


パーティーが終わった後は、イギリス在住のイタリア人デザイナーのAnnaMariaが参加し、The Other HouseRobの翻訳・言語学習プロジェクトのサイトのロゴデザインなどを手伝ってくれました。


アーティスト・デザイナーのAvrilはとにかく色々なものをデザインし続けました。最終的にはThe Other Houseの初代ホームページや、instagram, しそして今も目印となっている看板も何とゼロからつくりあげてしまった! あっぱれ。



ろぶ The Other House管理人

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