It’s spring time! And you can find Sakura and Ume(pronounced “Oo-meh” ) blossoms can be seen in different parts of Japan. These two flowers tend to blossom earlier in the Izu region.

At the ShareHouse Yugawara, it’s a yearly event to visit the Makuyama Park Cherry and Ume blossom festival. We could see the flower petals scatter in the sky, in the very windy weather.

We also have the newest edition to the Sharehouse Yugawara family, the goat! It’s still about 3-4 years old and eating up the grass in the farm. Like many other goats, it cries “meeeehhhh!” all of the time.

Seems like it’s getting used to the environment really well. And when Masato-san comes to the farm, the goat realizes it is time for breakfast/ lunch and approaches Masato-san asking for its daily ration.

There are also 6 hens and chickens that joined the farm, and maybe another animal coming up.

Masato-san is due to start WWOOF really soon. If you have friends interested in serious farm work while enjoying the peaceful town of Yugawara, please search the internet for this secretly humble place, or hit me up so that I can connect you with Masato-san.

Cheers, arigatougozaimashita, mata-ne.

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