Visitng “Sea Side Farm” and the oraganic rice paddy

As soon as we hit start of October, we were approached by our neighbor Yoshi if we wanted to help him harvest the rice. The farm with the rice was arbitually named the “Sea Side Farm” by our earlier volunteer Avril.  In Higashiizu Town,  rice is not the most common crop grown in the fields. In fact Yoshi’s rice fields are one of the only rice paddy fields in Inatori district (Out of 9 districts in the town), and on top of that it is completely organic and pestiside free! 

Rice cropping is actually not a common produce in this town, but it’s always good to have some experience with the staples of Japanese diet. While most of the cropping in Japan is now automated, doing all the work by hand was a strenuous but a worth the effort. Brings you to sense, and reminds you to appreciate this gift from nature.

Locals also jumping in to volunteer.
Yoshi and Megu & Adam

Ealier this year, we also a had the chance to help out both with the rice planting process in May (check video by Desy here), and some help with the maintainance of the paddy fields in July. Although it is customary to do the harvesting in September, the October breeze accompanied with the wind blowing from the sea of Inatori, really helped out smoothen process a delighted one.


As part of this exchange, Yoshi and his wife Megu treated us with homemade bento (Onigiri rice balls, and some assortments), and one the last day, hetook us to one of his favorite spots in Higashiizu Town to see the beautiful sunrise.

Sunrise from Yoshi’s secret spot. Higashiizu Town.
A hearty, traditional family style breakfast to compensate for hard work.

Yoshi, although originally from central Tokyo, also learned a little rope making tirck from the locals.

Thanks to Shirley, Adam and Lisa for helping out, and thanks to Yoshi and Megu and other volunteers who helped make this happen.

Rob “the janitor” The Other House

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