Right in between Izu-Inatori and Matese-Shirata in the area called, there lies a sacred rock made that has been worshiped and protected by the locals for centuries. The area has been shut out from the public for many years, but there has been an effort in the past few years for the locals to re-vibe the area for future visitors from abroad.

The ocean is surprisingly clean blue around the area, and very silent and sound, with a small waterfall spilling water from the cliff from behind. Honestly it is not the “most” breathtaking place on earth, but the place definitely has a sense of tranquility and most of all hisotorical improtance and many folklores that tag along with it in the area.

Picture below is from an “excabation session” hosted by locals. Members from the other house had the pridverlidge of joining the session along with students from Nihon-University High school in Mishima.


Hasami ishi in Higashiizu Town is a sacred site for the locals with many folklores.


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