Gyoza, “king” of all home made Japanese food (at least for the month of August …)

The title may be an over exaggeration… or is it….? In any case, gyoza proved to be the magical dish that got all the guests at the other house excited about. It is still one of the most popular dishes in the Japanese household, and so it might be true even to an global audience.

“Gyoza”s are steamed, fried, or steam-fried dumplings. If you’ve seen some kind of dumpling (i.e. dim sum) in an asian restaurant, this is the japanese version.  Not only will it satify your hunger for Japanese cooking, but it is something that will bond together people of all ages, all interests, and of course everyone across the world.

Fast, simple, and ensures smiles on everybody’s faces

Recipes for Gyoza will be at the bottom but here are some of the pictues from our Gyoza session. It’s pretty easy, simple to understand, and so it is its deliciousness.

Everyone reaches out to the bowl of fillings, pasting htem into the dumpling skins.
It’s do-as-you-like style. There are no mistakes in gyoza making. Just pick your filling and wrap :0
What it looks like just moments before the Gyoza Party.

In Gyoza making, there is “no right or wrong”.  

With smell of the chive leaves (imagine the chinese version of garlic) , and sound of everyone mingling, even those sleeping in their rooms wake up. The greatest thing about this dish is that you can make them the way you want, so you can never “go wrong” with them! Just fill, wrap, cook and eat (with a group of friends and acquaintances).

Kensey (left), led three(1) gyoza sessions during the month of August. With Ranah(Right) and Franki(center).

Finally, the swiss-man, Stephan. Happy to be eating gyoza.

Tons of recipes availiable on the internet

As it is one of the most familiar family dishes of Japan, recipes could be everywhere on the internet. I found a very comprehensive recipe with picures and movies ( link below.) Normally gyoza has pork fillings, but you can always substitute with fish, or tofu (w/soy sauce seasoning) if you are vegetarian/vegan. Another reason why I recommend the recipe below is because it is both a mix of a)frying and b)steaming. This process encapsulates that good gyoza flavor into every piece.

How to Make Japanese-Style Pork and Cabbage Dumplings (Gyoza)

You can try it at your next exchange/couch surfing in Japan, or just try it at home!


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