One of the great perks of traveling outside of your country is connecting with the local people. We’ve had few occasions, where locals will come in and chat with the people staying at The Other House.

In this particular occasion, we hosted a group of ladies all around HIgashiizu Town, trying to learn (figure  out) ways to explain about their town when they see a friendly foreigner tourist just strolling by. There are many things distinct about the area, carving stones used for construction of the edo castle, or various local rituals, such as the “hanging hina-dolls” that are made to wish a prosperous and healthy lives for local kids.

These learning sessions are really fun and not do you only learn language, but it’s also just a fun time to interact. As one of our first volunteer Precious would say a time of “globlal fusion”.

Rob “the Janitor” The Other House

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