Age: 25

Nationality: China

Occupation: App Designer

I had two weeks holiday in Japan and I spent 10 days in The Other House. Staying in The Other House, I had chance to meet friends sharing the same passion from all over the world. It is also a great place to meet local people and make friends with with them. We joined together to experience the local cultures.

The photo was taken during Inatori Festival where one of the event is that people carry Mikoshi (mini Shinto shrine) around villages. I was lucky enough to join the parade group and carry it for a short distance. I also changed the festival suit, toasted and drank sake/shoju with villagers to prepare for the celebration.

The Other House is near the train station Izu-Okawa. This is a small and quite village where you can relax and enjoy countryside simple lifestyle. I have also spent few days helping out with cleaning works in the house, watching trains passing, relaxing in the balcony and enjoying the summer cool wind from mountains.

It is definitely the most interesting experience I ever had. Many thanks to The Other House, the locals who bring us around and all the friends who make this wonderful journey!

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