Nationality: American

Occupation: Teacher

My husband, Branden, and I have been traveling for the past year now. Making our way through Asia on our quest to reach each continent. During our one month trip to Japan, we spent 10 days at The Other House. What Rob has created there is truly something special. In essence, it’s a full global fusion. It’s much more than just foreigners experiencing the “real Japan.” You aren’t just learning about Japanese culture. Here, you have the chance to gain insight on an international scale. You also collaborate on projects, share stories, and swap ideas with other travelers.

The vibe of the area is one of ‘community’. When looking through the sole lens of Rob’s project, you see just how much the community works together. Each business owner collaborates, supports, and promotes each other’s ventures; having a true understanding that if one is successful, they all benefit. ‘Community’!

The ocean views along the coastline are simply stunning. As you ride along on the Izukyuko Train Line, you’re almost teased by the views of the shoreline between the buildings, trees, and tunnels. Each time is just as gratifying as the first, yet you’re still left wanting more: more blue skies, more blue oceans, and more views of the islands out in the distance. This is Izu’s immediate allure, and it doesn’t end there.

The Izu Peninsula itself has so much to offer visitors, so why make it a day or weekend trip when there is enough there to make it a full holiday? Each city, stretching along the eastern coast, has more than one can do in a single day or two. Each one has something for everyone, while still being quite unique from its neighbor. From the waterfalls, beaches, and onsens, to volcanic mountains, and various themed museums, Izu has it all.

If I’m being completely honest, Branden and I have traveled through Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe, but our experience in Izu has by far been our favorite. I would recommend it as a must-do for your visit to Japan. So, if you are even slightly considering the Izu Peninsula, stop now, and make it a definite plan. You won’t regret it!

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