Age : 31
Nationality : Belgium
Occupation : PR and Sales

The Other House gave us Japanese air to breath and wind of creativity under our wings. Laurens and I had the privilege to collaborate with Rob on his incredible “The Other House”-project. Rob has an amazing open mind who understands how to bring people together in a free and open atmosphere. His project The Open House is so unique I will try to promote his vision any way I can in work but also in private life. He lets you view and experience Japanese culture from within. In this way The Other House hopes to create an exchange in knowledge and therefore understanding towards other cultures. I do hope, with all of my Belgian heart and I do profoundly believe this project to be a success.

I am glad to be able to have become a part of your (and mine) first Workaway experience during the very first months of this social experiment. Together with Laurens Vriens I hope the content we’ve created for you in both text, pictures and video will reach more foreign people to get into contact with Japanese traditions and the way of life at the Izu peninsula. It was a joy to meet the beautiful and diverse inhabitants of Izu, to become a part of the project and to give my best in return.

Last but not least, I hope you will enjoy many peaceful hours in the garden, which I gave a much needed make-over.

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