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When I set out for this journey I had little plans but a burning idea. This was common ground for me and Rob from “The Other House”. He had a great idea but no fixed plan as to how to give it form. And that is what makes it great, because each person, each blogger, brings something to “The Other House”, changes it a little bit, like the waves change the shape of the shore: subtle but concrete.

Nestled between the green hills of Izu peninsula and the blue infinity of the ocean, “The Other House” is a place of discovery and immersion into what Rob called #theotherjapan. Here you will experience the simple but so meaningful Japanese life evolving around fishing, markets, local traditions, nature and also…art!

I found here everything familiar and all the same different in subtle ways! I found french tasting eclairs made by the hands of a traditional Japanese baker. I found European impressionism combined with Japanese traditional elements in the ocean paintings of Sumi – an unconventional local artist. I found lush forest hills at only a short ride from sandy ocean beaches. I found fish markets serving not sushi but fish barbecue!

What I look for in my travels are nature adventures and local connexions. Here, at The Other House, I got to experience the local life and was so fortunate to get to hear the stories of some of the local people. The adventurous part of me was more than thrilled to run through the kilometer long forests in search of waterfalls. Or walk along the volcanic coastline listening to the thunder of the waves hitting the cliffs.

It was certainly a place of inspiration that I recommend to other people and bloggers who want to experience something else than touristic Japan.

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