Nationality : American

Occupation: Finance

Hello, my name is Branden Noble and I am on a 2 year journey traveling the world. I sold my house, cars, left my job and sold my belongings to travel the world to find amazing and memorable experiences. Staying at the Other House was like living in a small town in paradise.

The Other House is a few blocks from the beach, surrounded by mountains and the sound of water flowing through the neighborhood. Exploring Izu gives many moments of surprise that you don’t think could be possible in a small town that’s not talked about much on travel websites. Even the train ride through the peninsula along the eastern coast was breathtaking.

Never have I seen mountains overlooking an ocean so blue. Every 10 seconds, the train would reveal an amazing view of the coast. With small towns at each train stop all with their own individual ocean front views. From parks in Shimoda and waterfalls in Kawuza, to suspension bridges and light houses in Jogasaki-Kaigan, these are a few of the small towns scattered throughout Izu to be talked about. It’s all of the attractions you would hope for on a vacation without the over populated tourist. Not to mention how friendly the locals are and how fresh the seafood is.

I could not of had any better of an experience. Rob was so welcoming and hospitable. If you plan to make your way to Japan, Izu-Okawa at the Other House is a must.

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