Age : 31

Nationality : Italian

Occupation : Digital design / marketing consultant

During my trip in Japan, I spent 10 days at The Other House, together with other travelers from all around the world. Rob’s personality and his love for the area where he lives made the whole experience really special, I was always encouraged into coming up with fresh ideas and after a few days I really started feeling as part of his project !

The open atmosphere, the multicultural environment, the art galleries hidden in rural areas, the kindness of the people (once I got lost and I met a lovely Japanese family, they’ve been kind enough to drive me home, even though it was quite far for them!), the yummy sweets at the local pastry shop are something that will be kept in my memories.

Before visiting Japan I tended to think of its big cities like Tokyo, but I found out Japan is a treasure-trove of natural wonders and ancient traditions, and Izu area is an authentic hidden gem, perfect for those looking to relax and unwind, while discovering the other side (the authentic one!) of Japan.

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