Getting to the Other House: The Train

You can reach Izu in various ways using the train. The railway systems in this country (which is mostly made for the last Olympic in 1964!) is very intricate and sophisticated. The further the destination, chances are that you have more options to get to where you want. So anyways, here are the few main […]

Getting to and around Izu: The Bus

Willer Express (Shinjuku to Shuzenji) Tokai Bus dicounts This page is just awesome with so much information. Please check below for information.

Getting to the the Other House: From the Station.

the Other House is just about 1 minute away from Izu-Okawa station!!! (Click here for how to get here from Narita and Haneda airports ) Explanation of how to get to The Other House from the Izu-Okawa station. Click below for downloadable PDF. TOH_The Other House – directions 1. After exiting the train, cross the […]

Izu Peninsula map

Map of Izu Peninsula by Satoko Ushjima, store manager at Haco.Cafe in Atami. (tripvisor)   Print it out, paint on it, color it, do whatever!

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