SIM Card

Looking for cheap and accessible WiFi? The eConnect Japan will deliver your wifi to your hotel/accommodation (and of course airBnB’s) within just a day.   You can see with the image above, it has a variety range of SIM card plans.   Hope this helps… Rob

Eating Vegetarian: Soba Noodles in Atami

When it comes to eating vegetarian, Japan can be one of those places to eat. One way to go is Soba. Sobamaebunka : Rikyuuan in Atami.

Jamming drums at Cafe Ifa

Cafe Ifa is located inside the Tokai Kisen Ferry stop in Inatori. It’s got Chai, Cofffe, Tarrot card reading, and other things Here’s Robbie from Australia jamming drums with the store owner Kamama.

Mt. Omuro

Mt. Omuro, a volcanic mountain that errupted only 4,000 years ago. You can check the internet for more pictures and info.

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