Accommodation for 旅館(Ryokans)

When it comes down to options of staying at a Ryokan, there are many options on the Izu Peninsula, let alone, the town of Higashiizu. Here are some of the places I have had affiliations with, so it is not necessarily recommendations based on preferences and likings but rather the ones I have visited. (Either […]

Yamato Transport “the Blackcat” Luggage Delivery

Japan has a very sophisticated and advanced train system. You can get anywhere to anywhere in the country very conveniently with great precision and affordable price. However, because the mass population rides the train, often taking a big luggage could be a hassle. The solution to this? A “Hands-free-travel” plan for foreign travelers provided by […]

Lucie’s 1 week summer experience in Higashiizucho, Izu Peninsula

Name: Lucie Aidart Occupation: Traveller, Writer, blogger Follow the link below to check out her website “Voyages et Vagabondages” and her experience here on the Izu Peninsula. #The article translates in English very well! La péninsule d’Izu au Japon: regards sur l’autre Japon

Japan Connected-Free Wifi (Hosted by NTT EAST)

Free Wifi! Japan is nortouris for having limited access to free wifi spots. If you’d like to surf the net while your on the go in Japan (in this case, eastern Japan or the greater Tokyo area) you can go to the link below to download an app for your smartphone to get connections to […]

External: Izu Geopark Website

Visit the Izu Peninsula Geopark Website for information on the local nature sightseeing. This webpage covers the various landscapes that was form through the peninsula’s collison with Honnshu island and volcanic eruptions that happened about 600,000-200,000 years ago. The website tries to see the whole Peninsula as “one large park”.

Getting to the Other House: The Train

You can reach Izu in various ways using the train. The railway systems in this country (which is mostly made for the last Olympic in 1964!) is very intricate and sophisticated. The further the destination, chances are that you have more options to get to where you want. So anyways, here are the few main […]

Getting to and around Izu: The Bus

Willer Express (Shinjuku to Shuzenji) Tokai Bus dicounts This page is just awesome with so much information. Please check below for information.

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