Hanging Hina-doll Workshop

Hanging Hina dolls are tradition of that in Inatori district, Higashiizu Town. Here you will be able to learn first hand from local ladies who have been practicing the craft for many years. You will use Kimono quilt finely selected from Kyoto. There are more than few venues that will provide the craft workshop service. […]

Bamboo Cutting

For most Japanese people in rural Japan, bamboos are pretty common things to have in one’s garden. If you’re in Izu, going to places like Shuzenji and it’s famous Bamboo forest walkway (Chikurin no Komichi) is one option, but in Higashiizu Town, you can also find people who have their gardens filled with bamboo gardens. […]

The Abandoned School

One of the popular spots amongst the visitors of The Other House is the abandoned school in Izu-Okawa. Okawa is a very quiet town. You can almost say it’s “overly” tranquil”, up to a point where it might have a dinstinct “eerie-ness” of a rural Japanese town. However once upon a time, during the booming […]

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