Kawazu 7waterfalls(Nanadaru)

A great place to visit is the Kawazu 7 Waterfalls (Japanese “Kawazu Nanadaru). Check out our exploration on a summer day. Video by Derek Ngyuen

Accommodation for 旅館(Ryokans)

When it comes down to options of staying at a Ryokan, there are many options on the Izu Peninsula, let alone, the town of Higashiizu. Here are some of the places I have had affiliations with, so it is not necessarily recommendations based on preferences and likings but rather the ones I have visited. (Either […]

Lucie’s 1 week summer experience in Higashiizucho, Izu Peninsula

Name: Lucie Aidart Occupation: Traveller, Writer, blogger Follow the link below to check out her website “Voyages et Vagabondages” and her experience here on the Izu Peninsula. #The article translates in English very well! La péninsule d’Izu au Japon: regards sur l’autre Japon

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