Video: Walking through Izu-Atagawa, the “onsen town”

Walk through Izu Atagawa, a town in Higashiizu filled with “onsen mines”. The town is filled with many onsen (hot spring) sources, like the many towers you can see in the video. Rent a free walking stick lying around the town, and time travel back to Edo/Meiji Japan : )   Video by Desy, […]

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Video: Inatori-Trial mini tour workshop

Mini trial tour in Izu-Inatori/Naramoto. Activities Tatami factory tour/ Mini tatami workshop 400 year old house “古民家 kominka” visit Nagashi-somen Kaya Temple Supported by HigashiIzu Town Municipal Office and in collaboration with Higashiizu Chamber of Commerce. Thanks to 1Designlab for the the participation in this workshop, and Zapatilla Viajera for the video!

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Video: Inatori Morning Market (by

Inatori morning market is a joint effort of local businesses in Higashiizu Town. You can find arrays of fresh vegetables, seaweeds, pickels, bakery, and of course lots of fish (Alonsino a.k.a. the “Golden Eye” sea breams are the local specialty) Check out some videos to get a feel.  

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Morning Markets (Inatori & Hokkawa)

There are many morning markets all across Izu Peninsula, and of course, Higashiizu Town. Here is information about 2 of them. Inatori Morning Market (Every Sat, Sundays and national holidays, 8:00-around11:30) Izu-Hokkawa Nekosai Fish Festvial (Sundays in April, May and September, 9:30-11:30 Check out article by Marc Romagne about the morning market, or the video […]

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Hanging Hina-doll Workshop

Hanging Hina dolls are tradition of that in Inatori district, Higashiizu Town. Here you will be able to learn first hand from local ladies who have been practicing the craft for many years. You will use Kimono quilt finely selected from Kyoto. There are more than few venues that will provide the craft workshop service. […]

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Nagashi-somen (Bamboo sliders)

A great activity to do during summer, is “Nagashi-somen(流しそうめん)”. It’s fun and tast, and can be done with TONS of people at the same time! This event on August 16th, 2017 had over 50 participants coming in from different parts of Japan as well as the world.

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Teaching Kids English (Playing games!)

There are 3 ways to teach English in Higashiizu Town.  GO to the nursery school to play with kids. PLAY with kids at private get-togethers plan an EVENT and invite kids to come play with volunteers (and travelers who like/want to play with kids)

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