Cherry Blossom Festivals in Japan – The Kawazu Cherry Blossom in Izu

Kawazu cherry blossom Festival in Izu, Japan

Japan is famous for it’s cherry trees. The cherry blossoms (sakura) are deeply involved in japanese culture. The floral imagery reflects in japanese paintings, film, poetry and even in their currency. Beside it’s astounding beauty, the sakura symbolizes life, death and renewal.     The best months for cherry blossoms in Japan Where to see […]

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Selling Experiences: Inatori Morning Market

The other day, Clement from France, experienced different kinds of selling at the local Japanese market. He sold such things as seaweeds, Japanese style doughnuts, and local fish (from the local fish shop).   Clement along with Rob(janitor) had the experience of washing dishes at the free miso stand. (This was one experience he particularly seems […]

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Izu-Kogen Coin Laundry

When you’re on the road, stuff pile up, what I mean is dirty clothes. Of course there’s a laundry here at The Other House Izu Okawa, but I would just like to point out the nearest laundromats or “Coin Laundry” in Izu Kogen.  Laundry Shop FLANDRE (, 5-7 min walk southward of Izu Kogen station […]

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2 days in Higashi Izu

About 2 weeks ago Leni and Derek (btw a lovely couple!), who are “expert travelers” of the world, came to Higashi izu. I (Rob, the janitor) had the chance to accompany them on their 2 day tour. Check out some of the things you can do in town! (Hosono Highlands, Atagwa Onsen, Mask Museum, Morning […]

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Hasami Ishi (a.k.a “the sandwich rock”)

Right in between Izu-Inatori and Matese-Shirata in the area called, there lies a sacred rock made that has been worshiped and protected by the locals for centuries. The area has been shut out from the public for many years, but there has been an effort in the past few years for the locals to re-vibe […]

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Video: New Summer Orange & Sorbet Factory

Traditional mochi making in Inatori. An inside look at Japanese craftsmen(& women)-ships.. Thanks to Uchiyama-san from Kagetsuseika, and Yamada-san. Tsuchiya-san from Higashiizu Chamber of Commerce. Video by Adam Green.    

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