The other day, Clement from France, experienced different kinds of selling at the local Japanese market.

He sold such things as seaweeds, Japanese style doughnuts, and local fish (from the local fish shop).


Clement along with Rob(janitor) had the experience of washing dishes at the free miso stand. (This was one experience he particularly seems to have enjoyed.)

Thanks to all the shops that helped make this happen : )


 Washing dishes at the miso stand


 Selling seaweed at the local market.

 Selling the local favourite doughnuts.

 Selling fish (that he never tried before in France)


Thank you again for eveyone who made this happen! Hope to repeat this again.



When you’re on the road, stuff pile up, what I mean is dirty clothes. Of course there’s a laundry here at The Other House Izu Okawa, but I would just like to point out the nearest laundromats or “Coin Laundry” in Izu Kogen. 


There’s also another one next to the Public Onsen (¥1,000).

Japan has a very sophisticated and advanced train system. You can get anywhere to anywhere in the country very conveniently with great precision and affordable price. However, because the mass population rides the train, often taking a big luggage could be a hassle.

The solution to this? A “Hands-free-travel” plan for foreign travelers provided by Yamato Transport Co.,LTD ( aka “blackcat”).

This service will help travelers send one luggage to your next location. It will take about 1-2 days for the transport. Just tell them your current address, and the address of your next destination. Pay an average of 1000-2000yen, and the luggage will be waiting for you at your next stop.



Take a look at their website for more info. Inquiries (via web or phone) is availiable in English!

Rob “the janitor”

Have you ever heard of “Gasshozukuri”❓ This is a famous type of Japanese architecture seen in places like Shirakawa-go in Gifu (which is a UNESCO designated world heritage)

Our January resident, Julien Peinado, made a visit, became friends with the owner and did a quick job making a website. You can go check the website, or visit the authentic Japanese architecture just less than an hour away from TOH .

Address: 26 Sanchome Shimoda 415-0023, Shizuoka Prefecture

Hope this helps…

Here are the possible aliases for “The Other House”…


TED Oberlin Haus

Terry Oregen Hauser

Terry O’Brien Hasselhoff

Tammi Omar Hemmingway

Teddy Obed Hirayama

Taz Osman Holtz


Happy writing, happy traveling! @TOH

Cafe Ifa is located inside the Tokai Kisen Ferry stop in Inatori.

It’s got Chai, Cofffe, Tarrot card reading, and other things

Here’s Robbie from Australia jamming drums with the store owner Kamama.

About 2 weeks ago Leni and Derek (btw a lovely couple!), who are “expert travelers” of the world, came to Higashi izu. I (Rob, the janitor) had the chance to accompany them on their 2 day tour.

Check out some of the things you can do in town! (Hosono Highlands, Atagwa Onsen, Mask Museum, Morning Market, Saikouji- the Temple of Kaya, and various restaurants.)  It’s a fast 4 minute video that gives you some idea of the things you can enjoy in this area.


Free Wifi!

Japan is nortouris for having limited access to free wifi spots. If you’d like to surf the net while your on the go in Japan (in this case, eastern Japan or the greater Tokyo area) you can go to the link below to download an app for your smartphone to get connections to the various free wifi spots availiable (i.e. Covenience stores “conbini” or wifi’s at the station)

You can find the app here


More info on this page



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