For most Japanese people in rural Japan, bamboos are pretty common things to have in one’s garden. If you’re in Izu, going to places like Shuzenji and it’s famous Bamboo forest walkway (Chikurin no Komichi) is one option, but in Higashiizu Town, you can also find people who have their gardens filled with bamboo gardens. Just get to know the towns people, ask them if they own a bamboo forrest, and ask if you could go volunteer to cut them. For some westerners coming to Asia to be in this touch with this beatiful plant, this might be a great time to spend a morning getting to know your favorite plant of the orients and helping out locals maintain their garden.

Most farms in Higashiizu have a mix of vegetables and fruits. Here you see trees filled with giant “New Summer Orange”s.
Newly made cups from the cut bamboos.
Smile! A new cup to put in your mojitos and Umeshu liquors.

Of course the towns people of Higashiizu town have a sense of humor. In this case, Yamada-san had fun aiming the the guy with the camera.

Another occasion where Yamada-san tries to hit me with the bamboo.

You can also make propeller toys (a.k.a bamboo helicopter, Taketombo), wee didn’t get a chance to make this but maybe next time.

Some processes are more engaging(additive) than you think. Janne just couldn’t stop sanding his cup.
Cutting bamboo can put you into a “meditative state”

End the day by visiting  Yamada-san’s temple.

Adam, Janne, and Lucy visiting Yamada-san’s Temple, Saikouji (also know as Temple of Kaya), Inatori, Higashiizu Town.

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