[MAP] Things to do is Izu-Okawa

Izu-Okawa is a humble, small village with about 700 residents living together coherently. While it isn’t the flashy urban style living, there are some quite interesting places you can explore while you are in town. Check out the following PDF for things to do in the area. Click here for the file link.  

SPRING at ShareHouse Yugawara

Want to know more about “The Other Japan” during Spring time? Comr see blossoms and experience farm work at Sharehouee Yugawara.

Hanging Hina Doll Exhibition in Izu-Inatori

Link of an Link. The Hanging Hina-dolls are the traditional craft of Higashiizu TOwn, specifically the Izu-Inatori area. There are exhibits in multiple vicinities around the town. If you are around, pleaes try paying a visit. 文化公園 雛の館 秋の特別展示開催中    

Kawazu 7waterfalls(Nanadaru)

A great place to visit is the Kawazu 7 Waterfalls (Japanese “Kawazu Nanadaru). Check out our exploration on a summer day. Video by Derek Ngyuen

SIM Card

Looking for cheap and accessible WiFi? The eConnect Japan will deliver your wifi to your hotel/accommodation (and of course airBnB’s) within just a day. https://www.econnectjapan.com/   You can see with the image above, it has a variety range of SIM card plans.   Hope this helps… Rob

Eating Vegetarian: Soba Noodles in Atami

When it comes to eating vegetarian, Japan can be one of those places to eat. One way to go is Soba. Sobamaebunka : Rikyuuan in Atami. http://www4.i-younet.ne.jp/~k-harbor/english.html

Accommodation for 旅館(Ryokans)

When it comes down to options of staying at a Ryokan, there are many options on the Izu Peninsula, let alone, the town of Higashiizu. Here are some of the places I have had affiliations with, so it is not necessarily recommendations based on preferences and likings but rather the ones I have visited. (Either […]

Selling Experiences: Inatori Morning Market

The other day, Clement from France, experienced different kinds of selling at the local Japanese market. He sold such things as seaweeds, Japanese style doughnuts, and local fish (from the local fish shop).   Clement along with Rob(janitor) had the experience of washing dishes at the free miso stand. (This was one experience he particularly seems […]

Izu-Kogen Coin Laundry

When you’re on the road, stuff pile up, what I mean is dirty clothes. Of course there’s a laundry here at The Other House Izu Okawa, but I would just like to point out the nearest laundromats or “Coin Laundry” in Izu Kogen.  Laundry Shop FLANDRE (http://flandre.webcrow.jp/), 5-7 min walk southward of Izu Kogen station […]

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