Travel Japan while Learning about Japanese Culture through various communal activities!

We are a new kind of accommodationlooking to provide travelers to get a immersive Japanese culture experience.

​Course Offerings

  • The Sumikomi Course  ざ・住み込み

Sumikomi(住み込み)is a tradition were students, workers or even monks  would stay at a cheap fee in return for their work/apprenticeship/participation at their respected temples, schools or employees. Of course, in the modern era we are in an equal democratic society, and the fact that “the other house’s” mission is to provide a local immersive “Sumikomi-like experience” program. 

There are 3 programs/projects in progress at “the other house Sumikomi Program”. Join one of them, to get experience of immersing into a real Japanese community, build up unique experience others won’t experience, you’ll often even get a hands-on experience on new experimental activities that the town has to offer, while staying at an affordable accommodation!


The Other House 住込みプログラム」では3つのプロジェクト・programがあります。これらのどれかに参加して、日本の地域社会に溶け込む体験をし、他ではできないような体験を積を低予算で実現できます。


Help monitor new experience tours being developed all around Izu Peninsula.Our goal is to make “a tour experience that you can’t buy”.



Help develop a new type of English Learning blog to help globalize the Izu Peninsula!  You can help by 1) volunteering at events and sessions related to IzuPen Global Communications 2) contribute articles about Izu Peninsula (in English) 3) help with design, marketing or any other aspect involving the site.

伊豆半島をよりグローバル化するための新しいタイプの英語学習ブログの構築への協力。1)教材を使った授業でボランティア参加してみる 2) 伊豆半島に関する記事を英語で書く3)デザインやWeb編集など、を手伝う。 


Help develop a new type of Japanese learning blog for English speakers. You can help by 1) being a monitor student 2) contribute articles about effective Japanese learning tips 3)help with design, marketing or any other aspect involving the site. (YES! This means you can get FREE Japanese lessons!)

英語話者向けの新しいタイプの日本語学習ブログの構築への協力。1)教材を使ったモニター生徒になる 2) 日本学習に関する記事を書く3)デザインやWeb編集などで手伝う。 (つまり、無料で日本語が学習できちゃいます!)

#For those who have participated in the above projects, your names will be credited on the webpage!


The Gasshuku Course  ざ・合宿コース

Gasshuku is a word for “intensive training camp” or “bootcamp”. If you’re a company or organization, looking to collaborate with local Japanese culture and looking for someone to coordinate places to stay and activities, Gasshuku course is something you might want to look for. Please contact here for inquires about local tour consulting.

Gasshuku(合宿)とは”集中型のトレーニングキャンプ”または”ブートキャンプ(つまり、合宿)”を意味することばです。もし企業や団体様であり、日本文化を体験しながら宿泊する場所を探しているのであれば、この Gasshukuコースはピッタリかもしれません。詳しくお問い合わせの場合はこちらまでご連絡ください。


We ask following as guidelines.

  • ¥1,700 per night for those staying 8 nights – 15 nights
  • ¥2,300 per night for those staying 5 nights – 7nights
  • Please inquire if you would like to stay over 16 nights.

If you’d like to have a shorter stay, please check inquire, or check out the listing.

Additional 500yen for those who would like daily (conversational) Japanese lessons.


“The Other House”

  • a renovated traditional style Japanese house
  • 2 Meeting space/Living room on the 1st floor.
  • Occasional events will be held for our neighbors and other locals in town.

Accomodation Quarters

  • 1 Shower, 2 Toilets.
  • 4 rooms (each room fits 3 guests) + 1 Janitor room
  • all rooms with sheets and futon ready
  • a communal kitchen with stoves, ovens, hot water pots and refrigerator (sorry, no microwave!)

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